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Want to know, “Where It’s At?”

Welcome back to Where It’s At, the brainchild of Atera’s Creative Team.

Since the inaugural edition of our monthly newsletter was such a smashing success, (thanks for showing us some love ❤), we’re back with more creative goodness in July!

Check out what the Creative Team has been up to this month.

Quote of the month

“Wait, wait, wait... Atera raised how much? ...You need how many banners?”

We went all out with the banners this funding round. We kicked around ideas for how to message for recruiting efforts, how to highlight Atera’s growth and our half unicorn status (hello half-billion-dollar valuation), and we brainstormed and word played galore this month. We winnowed down the pack and chose the following 4 winning banners.


Atera raised an additional $77M - well, $77.6M if you’d like to be precise - in Series B funding from General Atlantic. The team kicked off funding announcement efforts early on in July, and has been iterating ever since. For more details, feel free to ask Noy how many versions she has of the announcement banner. 😅 This is an exciting milestone for the company, and we’re celebrating with banners, social ads, email signatures, animated gifs - content galore.

New Email Templates

Part of the process of creating something new, means reflecting on the old, and deciding how to improve upon what we already have. The team spent hours researching and reviewing different designs, aesthetics, and examples to draw inspiration for the new email templates we’ve created. We’re excited to give a facelift to all those aging email templates of days past and introduce the Atera team to something new.

New Social Design

Our updated look across our social channels is giving new life to our online communities.

New Website!

The Creative Team has been working hard alongside a design and strategy firm to help us hammer out the details of our new and improved website. Stay tuned for what's coming next!

New Email Signatures

To celebrate our funding announcement and our new design aesthetic, all Aterans can update their email signatures to commemorate the occasion.

New Website Navigation

Along with a change to our look and feel, the team is working hard on creating a website that gives the user their most ideal experience. Say hello to new and improved navigation!

Instagram Stickers

Having a great time at Atera but can't find the right sticker on Instoosh to commemorate it? The team has created customized Atera stickers to add to your stories, so the world can see how great we are!


In 2014, a material called ‘Vantablack,’ was released. It was known as the world’s “blackest black,” absorbing 99.965% of visible light. Sculptor and installation artist Anish Kapoor saw the material’s artistic potential and began to use it in his artwork. Eventually he bought its exclusive rights - making the material exclusively available (for artistic purposes) to Kapoor alone.

Kapoor’s actions incited Stuart Semple, another British artist, to create what he claimed to be the “Pinkest Pink,” with the caveat that it was for sale to anyone EXCEPT Anish Kapoor.

The two artists battled it out, while in the meantime a team of engineers at MIT developed a material which absorbs 99.995% of light, in 2019. This new material replaced Vantablack as the “blackest black.” The material is also available for any artist to use.

Art battle crushed.