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Welcome | The CQ Weekly Digest

Definition of CQ

1.   : Consumer Quotient.

a. : the ability to see beyond people as data points, and to build and nurture relationships and understand how those drive and influence individuals’ wants and needs. IQ + EQ = CQ.
b. : Forerunner’s unique blend to understand the market and consumers
c. : Forerunner’s weekly digest

Dear Reader,

Welcome to The CQ, Forerunner's recently renovated weekly digest. We're excited you're here. We promise to provide you with lively stories from within our portfolio, as well thoughtful meditations on the innovative ideas that energize our firm most. 

We're entering an exciting new era of commerce. Not only does the consumer have more choice than ever, the face of the seller is changing. Transactions are becoming more personal, built on 1:1 connections between buyers and sellers, providing a wealth of opportunity for innovation and potential for financial freedom.

In The CQ, we'll cover this evolution in a myriad of ways. Here's what you can expect from our regular programming: 

Portfolio Spotlight

Stories from our founders and the unsung talent behind our portfolio's successes. 

Attention Data!

Key data and insights from Forerunner's regular research effort.

Just One Thing

Headlines, tweets, ideas, companies, and trends our investors are captivated by. 

What's New, What's Next

The forward-thinking innovation we're championing. 

On Our Minds

The big questions we're pondering and the solutions we're considering. 

Our Take

What Forerunner thinks of the current cultural zeitgeist. 

Check your inbox every Saturday for the latest edition of The CQ, and let us know what you think anytime:

More soon,