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Congratulations on joining Oberlo! You now have access to millions of products to sell at your store.

Here’s how Oberlo works: Oberlo connects you with suppliers, enabling you to sell their products directly from your Shopify store.

You import the products, set your own price, and make your own sales. After the order gets placed, the supplier ships it directly to your customer.

Now that you're signed up with Oberlo, it's time to launch a store with Shopify. Don't know Shopify? Get started with a free trial! Once Oberlo is connected to your Shopify store, you can start importing products immediately.

Here are your next steps! As soon as you complete each step, we’ll email you everything you need to keep building your store.

You'll be able to start importing products after you connect Oberlo with your Shopify store. As soon as that's done, we'll explain how you can find the right products for your store.

After you get the hang of importing, we'll go over how you can market your store to generate interest, traffic, and sales!

We'll tell you everything you need to know about fulfilling your customers' orders.

Looking for more help?

Check out the Oberlo Help Center for more info!

Happy dropshipping!

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