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Lucent Health


Welcome to the New Lucent Health

Why We’re Here

We started Lucent Health because we had experienced the frustrating lack of control over the costs of providing a quality healthcare experience for our own employees.

With a vision for a better experience for both employers and their employees, we set out to create a new way to manage healthcare.

2018 and Beyond

After a few years of exciting growth and bringing the knowledge and expertise of three excellent companies into the Lucent family, we needed to update our brand and messaging to better reflect who we are and all we have to offer.

And so we’re excited to share with you, the new Lucent Health brand.

The New Logo

Representing the light that we shed on the complex healthcare landscape, our new logo conveys the insight and empowerment that we provide.

The New Website

This week, we are launching a brand new website, consistent with the new and improved brand direction. You’ll see see similar updates across all Lucent materials over the coming weeks, ensuring consistency and quality in all that we do.

The New Message

Lucent Health has three key pillars that differentiate us as the best option for employers across the country.

Data Science

We integrate with all partners to interpret a client’s data, allowing us to predict trends, simulate options, and custom engineer a health plan unique to each client.

Care & Advocacy

Our members enjoy access to care to address basic care management needs as well as support for more serious illnesses. We also identify and engage at-risk members to help them manage the costs and stresses of complex care.

Proactive Partnership

With timely responses to daily data, clients now have a proactive partner to make informed healthcare decisions and provide a better experience for their employees. Together, we give them control over their total cost of care.

What’s Next?

You will continue to receive communication and resources as we roll out the new Lucent Health branding and messaging. In the meantime, check out the new website and keep your eye out for exciting things to come!