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Welcome to the new 99U newsletter! Notice the changes we've made? Like gaining a whopping 61 extra words on our creative director's exacting template (see above) to greet you with each week. So we'll be brief: We're sprinting ahead covering those shaping the design industry, from their crafts to careers and everything in-between, like cannabis branding and Canadian airplanes. We're glad you're here. 

Liz Jackson: On Inclusive Design.
Liz Jackson is leading a revolution in design by rethinking disability as a branding problem. "We are disabled not by our bodies, but by the world around us," Jackson said in her 99U Conference talk. "Disability is the world's ugliest brand." Jackson's message is a powerful call to action for all designers.
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A Tour of Vitra's Whimsical Workspace in Germany.
Buildings by Zaha Hadid, Herzog & deMeuron, Frank Gehry, and more.
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Why You Should Be a Great Storyteller.
Telling your narrative serves as organic marketing for your art and you.
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Luca Barcellona: Take Your Pleasure Seriously.
This Italian calligrapher is hailed as one of the world's best. Combining his monkish commitment to the craft with an inventive, youthful sensibility, Luca Barcellona's contemporary interpretation of handing lettering has coincided with a resurgence of calligraphy in visual culture. 
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