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Email's Best Event

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What to expect when you’re expecting new furniture



What to expect when you’re expecting new furniture

I wanted to share one of our top performing emails at Burrow! The goal of this campaign was to convert bottom funnel prospects. We analyzed the questions that users most frequently asked our CX and Retail teams and proactively answered them in a Q&A format.

I think the team did a great job of identifying the content to include in this email, and they designing it in a way so that it could be easily digested. We were able to highlight some of Burrow's value propositions without being pushy or too obviously soliciting a direct response. This is one of my all-time favorites!


Broken emails mean lost sales. How does this email look?

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How accessible is this email?

Looks aren’t everything. Does this email follow key accessibility best practices? Our friends at Litmus ran the test.

  • Emails should have a "meta content-type" and defined character set.

  • Without a [lang] attribute, screen readers will assume the email is in the default language the subscriber chose when setting up their screen reader. If your email is not in that user’s language, the screen reader may not accurately transcribe your message.

  • Email headings should be well structured. This will help screen readers easily navigate content.

  • Specifying "alt text" for these images helps screen readers describe the image.

  • Text to voice recording and transcript for hearing impaired.

  • Larger paragraphs of text should be left-justified to improve readability for some readers.

  • Table roles should be clearly defined. This helps screen readers determine how to interpret the table.