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Where should you focus your email marketing efforts?


How email design, teams, strategy, and more will change in the decade to come

How will some of the most crucial elements of email marketing change in the next decade? We asked leading industry experts for their vision for where the industry is heading and how fellow marketers can prepare. Read their collective predictions for the future of email.

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Embrace subscriber’s privacy

Does your marketing team fear tighter privacy laws, like GDPR or CCPA? It shouldn’t. The truth is, tighter anti-spam regulations force brands to implement tactics that have been email marketing best practices for a long time anyway.

  76% report an increase in open rates post GDPR

Email marketers say they struggle with...

18% Lack of quality data, integration, etc.
17% Poor coordination between other departments, channels, etc.

Make integrating email with other channels a priority

Email marketers can no longer afford to operate in a silo because that’s not how your customers experience your brand. In the new decade, the tight integration with other channels will set mediocre email marketing programs apart from outstanding ones.

Embrace personalization and segmentation

Brands that use segmentation and dynamic content to send personal, relevant emails will continue to see great returns from their email marketing. Brands that resist the personalization wave will find themselves shut out of the inbox as customers grow more apathetic to their messages.


Brands that use dynamic content generate an email ROI that’s 22% higher

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