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win the winter



win the winter

Sweepstakes email where you go down the email as you scroll, with subtle gifs and full width moving gondolas.


Things I Like

  • Great use of a background image
  • Live text everywhere
  • Limited CTAs (2) that are above the fold and at the bottom of the email
  • Cute illustrations with subtle animations are a nice touch
  • Consistent design elements (center-aligned text, line height, spacing, etc.)
  • Interactive CTAs that change color upon hover
  • Nice Z-design that incorporates two animations (ski lifts) that enhance the design

Strategy Improvements

  • Include a CTA that actually shows subscribers the slopeside mansion they’ll be staying in during their stay on the mountain
  • Include a FTAF CTA under the ‘Ski for 20’ section so you can email 19 of your friends and have them enter the contest
  • Instead of having social icons, maybe include a curated feed (oh hey again Curalate!) in the footer that shows photos from VRBO’s IG


Design Improvements

  • Make the logo bigger or get rid of it completely
  • Increase the paragraph font size a tad and make the font color darker so that it contrasts stronger against the white background
  • Less legal mumbo-jumbo in the email footer

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