You got Ellevested! Here’s what’s next

Congratulations—you're on your way to reaching your biggest goals with Ellevest Digital.


Billing Plan

The annual fee is 0.25% of your assets under management. This fee will be prorated and your account will be charged once a month. This does not apply to the Emergency Fund, which does not have a management fee.

Pending Funds

Your funds are pending, and transfers usually take about 3 to 5 business days to complete.

Add a Trusted Contact

Just to be safe. If Folio suspects that someone is misusing your account, they will get in touch with your trusted contact as a protective measure. Log into your Ellevest account to add your contact.

Final Steps

Look out for any emails from Ellevest that say, "Action Required." We send these in case we need additional verification from you.

Copies For You

Ah, paperwork. Don't worry, it 's all digital. You don't need to do anything with these files, they 're just to download for your records.


Folio is an independent custodian that safeguards your assets. You'll receive periodic emails from them, such as when your online statements are ready.

You can also view your monthly statements with Folio directly.

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