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Figma Newsletter
September 2021

For many of us, remote collaboration is no longer new. We have figured out how to run meetings, work across timezones, and stay productive from anywhere. But even with all of this progress, connecting with teammates isn't always as fun or inspiring as it once was.

This month, we have released a collection of new features in Figma and FigJam that will help you recreate some of the magic from in-person interactions, in the file. Read on to learn more about what's new.

New features and updates


Start a call with other collaborators—directly in Figma and FigJam.

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Cursor chat

Type a live, temporary message in FigJam when you want to send quick feedback.

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High fives

Experience the joy of giving your teammate a high-five, in FigJam.

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Copy and paste

Use the new copy and paste in Figma that's more predictable and more intuitive.

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Import and export in FigJam

Import, paste, or drag and drop assets into a FigJam board, then export the final content.

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Catch up on Figma events

Hear how the Honeywell team built its design system on October 1 at 9 am PT.

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Learn how to organize your Figma teams, projects, and files for success.

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