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Whether you’re an accomplished athlete or just starting your fitness journey, MIRROR has workouts for all fitness levels and goals.

Stream 70+ new live classes weekly, or take a class anytime with our extensive library of on-demand workouts, available 24 hours a day.

Our Classes
classes combine elements of ballet, yoga, and Pilates to build strength and tone your muscles.
classes focus on getting your heart pumping. We offer both high-intensity, interval style Cardio: Bootcamp and fun, dance-based Cardio: Low Impact.
classes focus on building strength and improving definition. These classes utilize your own bodyweight or incorporate equipment, such as resistance bands and dumbbells, and focus on your full body or targeted areas.
focuses on mastering high-octane boxing combinations.
classes focus on building a strong core through alignment and breath.
classes feature full body stretches that will increase flexibility and decrease muscle tension.
is our traditional, relaxing Vinyasa flow, or try our more athletic Yoga Flow.
Or check out one of our many combo classes, like Cardio + Strength!

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