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Whether you’re looking for ideas or answers, or you want to share your expertise and boards, you are the creative fuel that keeps the Miro fire lit. Join our community and share your template creations to Miroverse to explore and no longer ignore those creative sparks.

Meet the winning templates from the Miroverse challenge

We launched the Miroverse Challenge: Team Connection template contest to learn how you all are making your teams feel connected, supported, and happy.

Check out the winning templates to see how others foster connections with their teams:

An easy new way to put your templates out there

To simplify publishing, managing, and sharing your templates, Miroverse has introduced a new set of features. You can now:

Create your template submission with a more intuitive and flexible form

Gain visibility into the process with submission previews, saved drafts, and status updates

Keep your expertise up-to-date with easy template and profile editing

Miro community workshops to connect, collaborate, and learn

February 8 at 8am PT / 5pm CET

System Thinking and Its Application in Strategic Management

Deep dive into the exciting discipline of System Thinking with Lenka Pincot, Head of Agile Transformation at Raiffeisenbank a.s.

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February 9 at 9:15am PT / 6:15pm CET

Tools for High-performance Teamwork

Learn how to boost team efficiency and innovation in this LinkedIn Live with Stefano Mastrogiacomo, the lead author of High-Impact Tools for Teams.

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February 16 at 12pm GMT / 1pm CET

Lead Effective Meetings With Hyper Island’s IDOARRT Tool

Join this interactive session to experience the process of creating your own IDOARRT — intention, desired outcome, agenda, rules, roles and responsibilities and time — to make meetings more productive.

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February 22 at 2pm PT / 4pm CST

Miro Board Improv: Robots Versus Monsters

Get involved and share ideas as we design together in real-time in this session led by Miro creators Jon White and Rachel Davis.

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