You’ve unlocked the new Typeform 🔑

You just unlocked the new Typeform!

Fist pumps and high fives all round—you've got access to the next generation Typeform. We've redesigned everything to make it easier to build, share, and optimize your typeforms. What's new so far? Thought you'd never ask...


Faster and far more user-friendly, with Create you can draft, design, construct, and configure your typeform without ever leaving the panel. It's also easier to visualize and test your typeform as you build using the live preview. We hope you'll find the experience more intuitive, just like writing a doc.


Like a streamlined workflow? So do we. Through the updated Integrations panel, you can connect a typeform to your MailChimp account to collect subscribers. Or send your data straight to Google Sheets thanks to a new native integration. Plus, your favorite Zapier-connected apps are still right here.


Cleaner interface? Check. Straightforward instructions? You got it. It's easier to discover more ways to distribute your typeform with our new Share panel. You can pick from plentiful ways to embed a typeform on your website, or even launch your typeform from an email using your favorite marketing tool—perfect for boosting engagement and increasing completion rates.


The artist formerly known as Analyze knows what’s important—that's why you'll get the key metrics up front in our new Summary tab. Whether you want to scan the essentials or delve into the details, Results lets you decide how to handle your data. Coming soon? A brand new, inbox-style Responses tab, complete with a nifty sorting system for far more readable results.