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Bulb Energy


🌍🌱 Your 2018 Green Impact Report 🌱🌎

Smiles Davis, you're a climate change hero!

Hi Smiles Davis,

Thanks so much for being with us for the past 2 months. We want to show you just how big an impact you've had by being with a green energy supplier.

By being with Bulb...  

You're saving 1,630 kg of CO2 every year. That's the weight of a beluga whale.

1,630 kg of CO2

Which is equivalent to planting 815 trees.

815 trees

With over 950,000 members, the Bulb Community is saving 1.4 million tonnes of CO2 each year. That's like planting 722 million trees.

That's bigger than The New Forest, The Broads, Exmoor and Northumberland national parks combined.

722 million trees

The UK is getting greener every year. In 2018, 33% of the country's power came from renewables.

More than 2 million homes got their energy from a 100% green electricity supplier like Bulb.

UK was 33% green

The average member who referred a friend saved an extra 3,194 kg of CO2 each year by bringing their friends over.

That's like taking 2.5 cars off the road.

2.5 cars

All Bulb members combined have removed 1.1 million cars' worth of CO2 from the atmosphere.

A traffic jam with that many cars would stretch from London to Lahore.

1.1 million cars

Help the world go even greener this year. Refer your friends to Bulb and get £50 each when they switch. It'll only take them 2 minutes.

Just give them your referral link: Davisw3437

Your friends will save money as well as carbon. We're over £150 cheaper than the Big Six energy companies for an average Bulb home.

Thanks so much for being with us,
Team Bulb

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