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As Chef Tom Colicchio says: "Cooking is a craft best learned through observation and practice."

Some of the best chefs around the country use our cookware, and we’re teaming up with them to share quick and easy techniques that will elevate your game and take your kitchen experience to a new level.

How To: Pan Roast Lamb

Chef Tom Colicchio of Top Chef and Crafted Hospitality invited us to his home to teach us heat control and how to best pan roast lamb using our 4 QT Sauté Pan.

How To: Green Beans

Chef Stephanie Izard of Girl & The Goat, Cabra, and Duck Duck Goat in Chicago shows us how to use the Blue Carbon Steel Wok to make her famous Magic Green Beans with This Little Goat’s Southeast Asia Sauce.

How To: The Burger Buddy

Comedian, Actor, and Wine maker Eric Wareheim joins burger master Chef Chris Kronner at the Made In HQ to show us how to make the infamous “Burger Buddy" using our Blue Carbon Steel Frying Pan.

How To: Open Fire Cooking

Sonya Coté is the owner and executive chef of Eden East, a farm-to-table restaurant in Austin, TX where the tables are actually on the farm. She gives us tips on how to use Made In pans over an open fire.

How To: Salmon and Snapper

Chef Bruno Davaillon of Bullion in Dallas, TX demonstrates the key to getting perfectly cooked fish with crispy skin in our Non Stick Frying Pans.

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