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Connecting Primephonic to your Car πŸš—

Quick Starting Guide (4/4)

Connecting to Your Car Speakers

Turn daily traffic stress into an occasion to relax. Here is an easy guide to help you stream music through your car - and to a smooth commute.

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Playlists to Listen to in Your Car



Whether you're a morning person or not, this playlist should help you rise and shine with the best of them. All of these pieces are written by composers to depict or evoke the spirit of sunrise, dawn, daybreak or whatever else they choose to call it.

Night Driving

Night Driving

Headlights on. Volume up. These tunes are perfect to accompany a midnight cruise under the moonlight. Some of it upbeat, some of it sombre – all of it with a dark energy, designed to let your mind off the leash, and keep your eyes on the road.