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Better Brand


End the Month with EVERYTHING 🔥

When we say Perks and First Access, we mean it. This month, Better Subscribers are getting access to 'The Everything' Better Bagel, one month before its public release.

We believe in signs, and here's one that its time to subscribe. We'll even make it easier by taking 20% off your subscription, FOR LIFE. Use code 'BETTERVIP' at checkout before the end of the month to unlock your discount, and the portal to  Everything.

Better Health, AND Better bragging rights?  Seems like a no brainer to us.  

BetterBrand | Changing The Grain (

As leading innovators in the refined carb space, Better Brand breaks the paradigm in diet and healthy eating by allowing you the freedom to indulge in your favorite foods without restriction. More than a company, we're on a mission to inspire a world free of unnecessary barriers and limitations - beginning by transforming the most carb heavy foods into the least.

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Here’s to Better! We cannot wait to see all the incredible fears we will accomplish, together.