✈️ Step off the plane and into a waiting car

Book a premium airport pickup with 60 minutes of wait time included in your fare

With so much up in the air—delays, luggage issues—we know the idea of finding a ride following a flight can be stressful.

But it doesn’t have to be.

We’ve added a new feature to Uber Reserve that allows you to step out of the terminal and into a car seamlessly.

Flight delayed? No problem!

The app will update your driver on your ETA using the flight number provided when you book your trip. If your flight is delayed, your driver will be notified.

No need to rush

Your fare includes 60 minutes of wait time. You’ll be notified when your driver arrives at the waiting area, and you can let them know when you’re ready to be picked up.

Plan your travel 30 days in advance

You can book trips with Uber Reserve to and from the airport up to 30 days in advance, but make sure you book at least 2 hours in advance to unlock all the advantages of a reserved ride.

You can cancel your trip request free of charge up to one hour before the scheduled time. If you cancel less than an hour before the scheduled time, you will be charged for the total fare for the trip.Waiting time of up to one hour after the estimated arrival time of your flight is free of charge. After that, the driver can cancel the trip request and the total fare will be charged to you. Your trip request is only confirmed once you have received your journey details. However, your driver remains free to cancel your trip request. In this case, the trip request will be assigned to another nearby driver. Please note that Uber cannot guarantee that a driver will accept your trip request.

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