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Suit Up

The pieces in our Session Collection are designed to be the most versatile and durable pieces in your training wardrobe, working just as well for speed work, long runs and recovery days. The shorts, jackets and pants feature our Veloce Blend, an incredibly lightweight, four-way stretch fabric with a distinctive heathered finish that’s UV-protective, breathable and moisture-wicking.

In Flagstaff, runs often started in the 40s, before warming up to the mid 50s. The sleek and soft Session Jacket was our runner’s go-to for the first miles of every run as it’s engineered to address these variable conditions. It insulates and dries quickly, all while stretching to fit your cadence.

To build a pant that feels effortless on both the warm-up and the long run, we started with our Veloce fabric, a stretch knit made in Northern Italy by the masters of luxury performance textiles. It’s paired with a lightweight mesh on the calves for added mobility, and the pants feature zippered calves and pocketing.