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Taking a stand with our Black community. ♥

To our Black families who are hurting right now,

We see you and we stand alongside you as we do our part to make our communities more equitable for your children to feel safe and flourish. We too are outraged and will not remain silent about racism, white supremacy, and police brutality.

To everyone in our community, we’d like to use this precious space in your inbox to tell you what we are doing to stand behind the premise of one of our core beliefs, which is to Do More Good — not the kind of short-lived good that happens for a moment in time, but the kind that is deliberately sustained and contributes to the wellbeing of marginalized people.

As educators and fellow parents, we are not shying away from the enormous honor and responsibility we have to continually do better and hold ourselves to as high of a standard as you hold for your family. Here’s the thing — what we do doesn’t matter nearly as much as why we do it, which is to remain an inclusive, diverse, anti-racist, and safe space for families to learn and experience joy in-person and online.

Here's how we're taking action:

Hitting Pause.

We cancelled today's afternoon programming through Thursday morning out of respect for our Black colleagues and community by not continuing to operate 'business as usual.' This includes all live classes on The Playground and The Schoolhouse. We'll use the time to better educate ourselves on racial injustice and impactful ways to best amplify Black voices that so need to be heard.

Curating Anti-Racism Resources.

We encourage you to shift your attention towards age-appropriate resources that empower you and other grown ups in your family to have difficult conversations amongst yourselves and to educate your children. Please explore our compilation of anti-racist tools such as adult-friendly literature and social media accounts to follow as well as kid-friendly books by age to start an early and open dialogue with your little ones.

Supporting Racial Justice.

Kidville is matching financial donations made by employees to the NAACP Legal Defense Fund. You too can champion this essential initiative, which aims to win landmark legal battles, protect voters across the nation, and advance the cause of racial justice, equality, and an inclusive society by making a contribution.

While the aforementioned are but a few of many steps to be taken to combat the systemic racism that afflicts our local, national, and global communities, we're deeply committed to doing our part towards a collective solution for the long haul. We might not always get it right, but we hope that you’ll join us. Now, as always, it takes a village.

With love and in solidarity, 

The Kidville Team

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