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The great things that happened in January

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“Just the way you are ” 

Bruno Mars

Hey there, and welcome to our look back at the amazing month that was January.

Here are a few incredible stories that brought us joy last month:

The Valentine’s Jai ne sais quoi 

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Work less, Live more

The pandemic brought us all back home, allowed us to enjoy more time with our families and made us revaluate our lives with what really matters. Now a few companies in the UK are joining the trial on working 4 days per week.

The are many possible benefits to this, and If these trials are successful, we might all be lucky enough to work only 4 days!!!

Zara, a 19 year old girl flew solo around the world  

Zara flew around the world for 5 months visiting nearly 41 countries including US, Greenland, Russia and South Korea, landing back in Belgium on the 20th Jan. Zara Rutherford has made a grab bag of records after completing a 32,000 mile (52,000km) circumnavigation of the Earth.

What an amazing and inspiring experience. 

A nature recovery planned announced for England

The UK government revealed plans for two nature recovery schemes. 

The first, the Local Nature Recovery initiative, will pay farmers for “locally targeted actions which make space for nature”. The scheme is set to launch nationally in 2024 and aims to reverse the fortunes of some of England’s most threatened species. 

The Landscape Recovery project, meanwhile, will support more radical changes to the landscape, including the creation of nature reserves, woodlands and wetlands. 

Ultimately, the government wants an area roughly the size of Lancashire to be covered by the schemes by 2042. 

Antarctic adventurer Preet Chandi made history 

Antarctic adventurer Preet Chandi made history 

A British Army physiotherapist has become the first known woman of colour to complete a solo trek to the South Pole. 

Preet Chandi (AKA ‘Polar Preet’) skied 700 miles across Antarctica in 40 days, seven hours and three minutes, setting off on 21 November. It makes her the third-fastest female solo skier to complete the expedition, behind Johanna Davidsson of Sweden and Britain’s Hannah McKeand. 

That's all from us.

We hope you have a fantastic February, and with whatever you do, always remember to

Bring the joy

Tarla x