Top 18 of ‘18

Top 18 Hits of '18
We couldn’t be more excited for 2019. But before we get ahead of ourselves, let’s remember that a lot happened in 2018. Like, a lot. Let’s wrap an amazing, video-packed year with our greatest Vimeo hits.
Millions of eyeballs on your videos, with 1 click.
With the click of a button, our publish to social feature put your videos exactly where they needed to be — everywhere.
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You collaborated more. Your videos loved it.
Video review tools made the feedback process nice and warm, like a summer breeze →


We crashed the stock market.
Of videos.
Browse our collection of pre-licensed,
make-your-videos-better footage →
We watched short films go feature-length.
Vimeo's always been a place where film careers are made. In 2018, some of our favorite Staff Picks snagged feature deals. Congrats to Krista, Thunder Road, and oh so many more.
Live streaming became truly premium.
From making it easier to go live to reaching your audience wherever they are, we made game-changing updates to live streaming.
So go live already →
Your videos really paid off.
This year, more and more creators turned viewers into paying subscribers and even used live videos to grow their business. Bring home the video bacon
We celebrated big-time for 10 years of Staff Picks.
A decade of the internet's best videos was a huge anniversary, so we went big. Texas big
We rolled out 52 (digital)
red carpets.
The most celebrated short films of the year debuted online as Staff Pick Premieres.
The best best
of the year, ever.
Every year, we whittle millions of videos down to the internet’s very best. In 2018, we called on 21 beyond-qualified jurors to choose our top videos. And dole out cash prizes.
We'll announce the winners very soon →
All the things we can't tell you about yet.
In a weird way 2018 was all about 2019. We can't tell you everything that's coming this year, but take our word for it — there's never been a better time to upload and...