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Upload. Staff Picks. Red carpet.

Creators share their early videos

Every Staff Picked creator began with just one upload. Get inspired from those early videos— wondrous and cringeworthy alike — and upload your own.

Eyes up, Oscars® on

It only takes two minutes and a vinyl track to travel through time. Hop into this masterful Staff Pick Premiere and nominee for Best Animated Short.

Breathtaking 360 storytelling

From Fidel Castro to Standing Rock, Travis Cook has delved into all types of subjects — and now, the five-time Staff Picked creator looks at the Syrian refugee crisis in 360.

Share your experiences

Our experience make us what we are, and now you can see where people shine: Vimeo Plus, PRO, and Businessmembers can now showcase their talents on their profiles.

Lessons for time travelers

Fantastic creators, incredible shorts


In 1986, Cleveland launched 1.5 million balloons — and the results were tragic.


It's like a normal music video. Except it's made entirely from wood.

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