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Pro Feature: Browser Extension

Install our Browser Extension so you can start uploading to your library

Import any email to your RGE library and instantly share with your team. No more Gmail labels, no more broken email fwd’s, now you can import inspiration, your competition’s emails, or your own company’s—your imagination is the limit.

1. Install

Add the browser extension, log in, and pin it to your browser window for easy add. Here’s a quick loom video to show you how it’s done.

2. Choose an email

Find any email from your Gmail or inboxes, select the red plus, and boom, your upload begins. Grab the URL to share with your team.

3. Click and save to your private library

All captured emails are stored safely in your library. Coming soon: Save straight to one of your collections, or create a new one. It’s like Pinterest from your inbox.

4. Sharing is caring

The point isn’t to save and hoard, the point is to share. Share the link in Slack or wherever your team works, and get the convo going.