The best emails are made when we collaborate as a team — so we’re making tools to help y’all do that.

Get inspired with over 15,000+ curated emails from the world’s top companies.

Find inspiration for design, copy, and strategy from our curated feed of over 15,000 emails. Don’t reinvent the wheel, see how other companies are solving the same problems you are.

“When I’m just trying to spark ideas for email marketing, I dig through ReallyGoodEmails.com”

Kate Miss, Brand Director, Anna Beck
Kate Miss, Brand Director, Anna Beck

Pro Feature: Upload emails from your inbox to RGE with-a-click using our Browser Extension

To hell with Gmail labels, forwarding, and [gasp!] screenshots. Now you have one place to save all your live emails in a flash. View desktop, and see the code. Coming soon: Save straight to one of your collections, or create a new one. It’s like Pinterest from your inbox.

“I use RGE’s browser extension to share campaigns with my team so that we can design the best emails possible. I’m not sure how I went this long without it!”

Collect your competition's emails so you can adapt and get ahead

When you review your competition’s emails together as a team, you can learn from their successes and failures and strategize your next steps. Don’t leave opportunity in your inbox.

“Who knew email reviews could be so much fun? I use Collections to simplify my team’s review process and overall email creation process. Sign up...now!”