August 13th, 2020

15 B2B Emails that Deliver Relationships

B2B revolves around knowing businesses and their needs. Guide business owners through your solution with helpful and informative B2B emails. 🤝


81% of B2B marketers say email newsletters are one of their preferred formats of content marketing. B2B emails give people the opportunity to help solve a problem, to provide updates, or some other form of value.

Our CEO Matthew Smith mentioned, “From a business perspective, I think that B2B emails need to be looking at common business problems and solving those on a point-by-point basis You really need to know your business customer in order to do that well.”

B2B emails should also be concise. Businesses don’t need to reinvent the wheel; they can simplify the process for other businesses.

“The BEST B2B emails are segmented, smart and simple,” Michelle Grupinski, Senior Marketing Automation Specialist, Demand Gen at LogMeIn shared. “Their content tells the story of a solution to a problem that the reader is most likely to be experiencing. A strong B2B email delivers the most relevant content, at the most ideal time, to the most engaged audience.”

Dive in to our top 15 picks for B2B emails

1) Squarespace


You can do this

Squarespace reassures business owners that they’re on the right track in building their website and they shouldn’t overthink the process! Squarespace encourages its audience by providing resources, such as guides and tutorials, to power through and go live with their website.

Why it’s really good

  • Clear CTAs
  • Encouraging copy
  • Links to tutorials
  • Showcases website on mobile device

2) LogMeIn


Prepare for the unexpected with LastPass

LogMeIn, the developer behind LastPass, GoToMeeting, Bold 360, and GoToConnect, knows how to connect businesses with web solutions. In this B2B email, LogMeIn explains the importance of keeping information secure and how LastPass can help in 5 quick steps.

“B2B emails should tell a simple story: we know our product; you know your business’s needs – our email nurtures and will guide you to where the two align,” Michelle said.

Why it’s really good

  • Fun design
  • Informative
  • Clear CTA
  • On-brand
  • Provides helpful information

3) GoDaddy


It's National Small Business Week and we're celebrating you.

In this email, GoDaddy celebrates National Small Business Week by putting the focus on the people it serves. This email gets right to the point, and keeps readers engaged by addressing them throughout the email (“You’re the champion…We got ya.”).

The CTAs to inspirational business owners at the bottom help encourage the reader to engage with other business’s stories while staying on GoDaddy’s site.

Why it’s really good

  • Encouraging copy
  • Addressing audience in second person
  •  Links to inspiring business owners
  • On-brand

4) Divvy


April Update - We'll get through this together


Divvy gets this B2B email right with its inclusive language (“We’ll get through this – together) and walking its audience through solutions. They understand the problems businesses are facing and share a variety of resources to download, read, or listen to.

Why it’s really good

  • Understanding tone
  • Provides resources
  • Easy to skim
  • Clear CTAs
  • On-brand

5) Slack


You’re Invited: Frontiers by Slack – our best (and first) ever conference


Slack introduces its first conference, Frontiers, welcoming teams to learn and share best practices. This email incorporates Slack’s brand colors throughout, plus, fun shapes framing speaker headshots and social media icons.

Slack shares a helpful at-a-glance look at the event, explaining the value of businesses attending the conference.

Why it’s really good

  • Great design
  • Clear CTA
  • On-brand
  • Provides an “at-a-glance” look at the event
  • Cross-promotes company and event

6) Mintel


[WEBINAR] Discover the 2030 Global Beauty & Personal Care Trends


Mintel works with a whopping 5,000+ businesses worldwide in market intelligence. This email gives businesses just enough information to pique their interest in upcoming trends and demonstrate the value of this webinar. Mintel keeps the email short and sweet, putting the focus on the graphic designs and two straightforward CTAs.

Why it’s really good

  • Bold and interesting design
  • On-brand
  • Clear CTAs
  • Concise

7) Moo




Moo keeps this offer email nice and short with one paragraph and an offer code. The company also incorporates a fun GIF that highlights business products and the free shipping promo.

Why it’s really good

  • GIF usage
  • Showcases product and promo offer
  • Clear CTA
  • Creates urgency
  • Short and sweet

8) BrightWave


Our on-demand webinar shines a light on Dark Mode

BrightWave shows businesses the value of dark mode with an email and a mobile email within an email, both in dark mode. The company keeps the copy brief and encourages the audience to learn more about the value of dark mode with an on-demand webinar.

Why it’s really good

  • Dark mode
  • Promotes design trends
  • Showcases two emails in dark mode
  • Clear CTA

9) emfluence


Remember adding this to your cart, Smiles Davis?

“Think about how you make digital marketing an experience,” Natalie Jackson, Marketing Director of emfluence, said in this Feedback Friday episode. “One of the things you always look at is, how do you make B2B not be boring?”

Digital marketing agency emfluence created this email within an email to show businesses how to integrate an ecommerce solution and strategy with an automation software.

This B2B email is a fun way to walk businesses through what Natalie calls “the anatomy of an ecommerce abandoned cart email campaign. The purpose of it was to be educational, but also to be experiential.”

Natalie mentioned, “A really good B2B email is personalized, timely, interactive, and transparent! Relationships are built on trust, and our B2B emails are no different—if the content you’re sending is truly intended to help your target audience receive the information they need to do their jobs better, they’ll come around when they’re ready.”

Why it’s really good

  • GIF usage
  • Engaging copy
  • Anatomy of an email
  • Clear CTAs
  • Provides the option to download the email template

10) World Nomads


December Partner News

World Nomads keeps the opening of this email short and sweet with simple CTAs and a helpful update on an improved user experience. The four, small squares provide information and links to company resources, as well as highlight the company’s brand colors.

Why it’s really good

  • Tells a story
  • Blocks create an interesting layout
  • Clear CTAs
  • On-brand
  • Social media (acknowledging the icons + inviting the reader to join)

11) Asana


You created a team. Now set them up for success.


Asana’s email walks businesses through how to bring their team up-to-speed on the project management tool, and how to set them up for success. The company lists key steps to make this happen, leading to a CTA.

Why it’s really good

  • Informative
  • Clear CTA
  • Breaks down the software
  • Provides option for education

12) Greetabl


Have you found the perfect client gift?

This email combines ecommerce with B2B messaging, reminding businesses it’s time to send appreciation gifts. The GIF provides a fun visual, showcasing order options and how easy it is to personalize products.

Why it’s really good

  • GIF usage
  • On-brand
  • Highlights different products
  • Clear CTAs

13) Flywheel


Get 3 months of FREE WordPress hosting!

Flywheel brings the fun of summer things to this B2B email. The company highlights the value of its platform with the “Here’s what makes Flywheel different” section and sprinkles clear CTAs throughout the email.

Why it’s really good

  • Bright design
  • Discount code
  • Clear CTAs
  • Explains the product
  • Fun images
  • On-brand

14) Mailchimp


Managing 2 businesses with 2 different audiences

Great B2B emails tell stories, like this one! Mailchimp immerses readers in the story of how one business owner manages multiple businesses and multiple audiences. The email goes in-depth with quotes from the business owner, images, video, and other elements to tell the full story.

Storytelling is an organic way of promoting a product or service, helping businesses explain, “This is why we’re awesome! This is how we can help.”

Why it’s really good

  • Engaging photos
  • Video link
  • Tells a story
  • Testimonials
  • Connects business owners to the product

15) Google


Don’t forget to update your holiday hours this year – it takes 2 minutes


Google’s nudge to update Google My Business profiles helps keep the company top of mind. The GIF showcases a “before and after” of business hours listed to quickly show readers the value of updating the hours in their profile.

Why it’s really good

  • GIF usage
  • Clear CTAs
  • Before and after view
  • Helpful information

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Mirror what you hear in B2B emails

Unsure of what your audience needs right now?

“Ask them. That shows intention. You’re engaging,” Matthew said. “If you’re going to say that your brand is kind and thoughtful and engaging, then act it in your language, in your design, in your responsiveness, in your speed of how often you send emails.”

Be consistent in your communications and follow through with your promises.

B2B emails build relationships. Make ‘em count!

B2B digital ad spend is expected to increase by a total of 22.6% by the end of this year compared to 2019’s ad spend. That would be a total B2B digital ad spend of a whopping $8.14 billion.

“I don’t believe that email is marketing. I believe that email is relationship delivered,” Matthew said. “There’s an opportunity for you to be in a relationship with your customers and change the entire framework of how you think and feel and relate to and earn the business and loyalty and trust of your customers.”

Make your B2B emails count as you build trust with your audience and nurture relationships with existing audiences.

“Email is a relationship tool, and that’s no different with B2B emails,” Natalie shared. “The purpose for a B2B email should lean first into ‘What can I do to help my buyer at this exact moment?’ This is true whether you’re building a lead nurture, an event invitation series, a customer onboarding series, or an upsell campaign—at every point in the customer journey, the purpose of a B2B email is to deliver relevant, timely, useful guidance to your target audience.

Know of an awesome B2B email that demonstrates relationships delivered? Send us your B2B email!





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