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From — January 31st, 2023

2023 Email Design Trends

Stay Ahead of the Game: Top Six Email Design Trends for 2023


As technology evolves, so does the world of email design. With millions of emails being sent daily, it's important to keep up with the latest trends to make your messages stand out. In this article, we'll be exploring the top email design trends for 2023 that you can use to create visually appealing and effective communications.

  • Deep Blue-Green Hues: This year, deep blue-green hues are all the rage. These rich, earthy tones convey a sense of sophistication and provide a calming contrast to the busy digital world.
  • Chunky Headlines: Bold, chunky headlines are making a comeback in 2023. These eye-catching titles grab attention and help break up the content of your email.
  • Rounded Landscape Hero ImagesRounded landscape hero images are a popular trend in 2023. These images provide a visually appealing and organic feel, drawing the eye to the central message of your email.
  • Outlined Table Borders: Outlined table borders provide a clean, modern look for your email designs. They are easy to read and help organize your content.
  • Non-framed TextNon-framed text gives your email a sleek, uncluttered look. It allows the content to breathe, making it easier for your audience to read and retain information.
  • Extra ShadowShadows are making a comeback in 2023. Adding extra shadow to your designs can make your images and text pop, drawing the eye to important elements.

In addition to these trends, we've also seen a rise in the use of hand models in email designs and a decline in the use of illustrations. This is because hand models provide a more personal touch, while illustrations can sometimes detract from the message.

In conclusion, these are the top email design trends for 2023. By incorporating these elements into your designs, you can create visually appealing and effective emails that stand out in the crowded inbox. So, get ahead and start experimenting with these trends today!

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