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June 18th, 2020

Welcome to RGE School

Taught by Val Geisler

Community has always been at the heart of Really Good Emails. We literally wouldn’t be here without all of you. Your submissions, your shares, your input all make this space what it is and we quite simply couldn’t do it without you.

When we started thinking through the future of email, we saw nothing but community. From #emailgeeks Slack to events like Litmus Live, Iterable Activate, UNSPAM, and even our geeky little corner of Twitter, community is at the heart of the email world. After all, none of us sought out email, email found us and we fell in love (or were forced into it by a mean boss). 

A missing piece of the community puzzle has always been real life actionable training. Training that goes in depth on specific topics relevant to your career. And we’re not just talking “how to personalize in a meaningful way” or “10 tips to build better tables” - which are things we should be talking about - but actual career growth topics like “how to get buy-in from your boss” and “building a better portfolio to show off your work”. We care about you as a well-rounded individual, not just a marketer, designer or developer.

Much like the foundation of Really Good Emails, a need points directly to a solution - one we’re proud to finally bring to life. RGE School is here to help you. We have big plans for this school but first thing’s first, we’ve gotta start with our classes.

RGE School is packed with unboring classes for people who want to be really good.

Our live classes (first one rolling out June 24th, 2020) are designed to give you the knowledge you need to power your career. Want actionable lessons to apply to your work and your personal growth? RGE School is the place to be.

So why should you join us? Let me hit you with 4 really good reasons:

Get Focused

Ever been to a training that tried to cram way too much into one hour? Us too, and we think they’re exhausting. So our classes are designed to be super specific so instead of leaving with your head spinning you can actually implement right away.

Commit to You

Spending time with RGE Classes means taking opportunities to learn about anything from data analysis to platform specific tasks to how to write a better LinkedIn profile (for example). We know you’re more than just “the email person”: you’re A Person. A person committed to greatness.

Build Community

Classes are live, not pre-recorded, so you get a chance to directly interact with the teachers. There’s dedicated Q&A time and the opportunity to chat with your classmates throughout class. Who said passing notes is against the rules? Not at RGE School!

Meet Industry Leaders 

We’re better together. By working in partnership with experts in their fields, we’re able to bring you never-before seen content that will give you that edge you’ve been looking for. Not to mention the bragging rights for rubbing virtual elbows with some of the greatest marketers of all time.

The best reason?

At just $10/class, RGE School is a low-cost, high-value way to build your talents and your career.

You won’t be going it alone either. I’ll be there to guide you along the way. As the community advocate and head of classes, I’m here to make sure you get the education you need from a school you can’t help but love.

Ready for some unboring career growth?

Welcome to RGE School. 👩‍🏫

Class is in session.

Register for the first class →



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