August 24th, 2020

12 E-commerce Emails to Level Up Your Product Promotion

The best e-commerce emails don’t sell a product, they provide a solution. Engage your audience with creative product staging, personalization, and storytelling. 🛒


E-commerce emails are more than sales and product launches. When you have someone’s email, you have the ability to communicate your values and re-emphasize why people gave them your email.

"One brand that comes to mind is Chubbies. I may only buy a couple pairs of shorts from them per year, but I continue to read their emails because they put in a lot of effort to create an email that will make me smile," Mike Nelson mentioned. "I often find myself reading their blog or other things they link to because I trust the brand. Not only do I deepen my loyalty to the brand, but the content they produce allows me to evangelize the company to my friends."

“Don’t just sell a product but sell what it’s going to do for the person,” Matthew Smith said. “I don’t want shoes. I wanna run. I don’t want to just put something on my feet. I have a job to do, and I want your tool to help me do that. The email should help me understand how it will help me do that.”

Some common characteristics of a really good e-commerce email are:

  • Easy to understand
  • Clean design
  • Clarifies product information
  • Smart product staging
  • Shows product in context with other products
  • Tells a story – sells what the product is going to do for the consumer

Check out these 12 really good e-commerce emails!

1) Nike

Nike is known for sending motivational emails and social media campaigns with athletes doing what they do best. This e-commerce email puts the spotlight on training, showing the products in action in three different training scenarios. The email does a great job of incorporating interactive elements, allowing the audience to hover over the plus signs to learn more about each item and shop.

What makes this a really good email

  • Interactive email
  • Shows the product in action
  • Different scenarios with the products
  • On-brand

2) Bose

I’m partial to this email because I love just about anything that’s rose gold...putting that style aside, this is a really good e-commerce email with live text inside the headphones, and two clear CTAs to pre-order the item. The verbiage remains upbeat, explaining how the product can help the audience level up their music and style, plus its capabilities with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

What makes this a really good email

  • Fun image
  • Describes features
  • Short and to the point
  • Clear CTA

3) Google


Introducing Pixel 4, the new Nest Mini, and more


Google always makes its releases fun and interactive online (remember how Google teased the Pixel 4A?). This email is full of the company’s colors and branding, different products, and all-around fun in a “family photo.” The design seamlessly explains each Google product, the benefits, and why these products are a step up from the rest.

What makes this a really good email

  • On-brand:
  • Creative product staging
  • Explains the value of each product
  • Clear CTAs
  • Fun design


4) Baggu

Baggu’s groovy product announcement transports its audience to the 60’s with the design fonts, florals, and prints. The email shows people carrying the bags (and apple pouch!), as well as the bags in a flat lay so the audience can get a good idea of the different prints, sizes, and uses.

What makes this a really good email

  • On-brand
  • Product staging
  • Clear CTAs
  • Showcases different versions of the product

5) Lululemon

Lululemon showcases different ways to interact with their brand even outside of browsing their activewear. They highlight options to stay active at home through their different social media platforms and the value of each one. Instead of adding a simple “follow us” button, Lululemon explains what people can find in the company’s online hub, Instagram sessions, and Facebook Group to bring virtual workouts and resources to their audience.

What makes this a really good email

  • Clear CTAs
  • Puns
  • Shows different aspects of the product
  • Provides value on different social platforms

6) Pulp & Press


15% Off Any 2 Cleanses Ends Soon, Lovebirds! 🥰

This Valentine’s Day e-commerce email keeps the theme consistent tying in red and pink throughout the design. Even the promo code sticks with the theme (“BETTERTOGETHER”). Pulp & Press reassures their audience that they can get their sugar fix while reaping the benefits of recommended nutrients.

What makes this a really good email

  • Fun product staging
  • Clearly explains what the product is
  • Color coordination
  • Promo code related to holiday
  • Clear CTA


7) Slowdown Studio


New Blankets

Slowdown Studio gets creative by showcasing their woven blanket on a wall. The image draws in the audience so they can immediately picture the blanket in their own home. This email describes how the blankets are made, as well as highlighting a variety of blanket patterns to choose from.

What makes this a really good email

  • Great product staging
  • Shows blanket hanging up and in a flat lay
  • Clear CTAs
  • Clear product descriptions and pricing

8) Fleur & Bee


Our gift to you.

This email encourages the audience to take care of themselves and explains how their face cream can help. It highlights all the benefits of using this product – free of toxins, cruelty-free brand, and a portion of the proceeds go to charity. The email also shows the company’s “family tree” with additional skincare products to guide the audience through more options.

What makes this a really good email

  • On-brand
  • Promo code
  • Clear CTA
  • Nice product staging
  • Describes product benefits
  • Includes additional products that complement the main product

9) Grayers


Brand New Flannel Line-Up

This e-commerce email lets subscribers know right off the bat they’re seriously missing out if they’re not already wearing these high-quality flannels. The email goes on to showcase a good mix of flat lay photos with a variety of prints, styles, and colors, as well as other products that people can pair with the flannels.

What makes this a really good email

  • Interesting layout
  • Clear CTAs
  • Describes the value of the product
  • Good product staging
  • Shows variety of styles and colors

10) White Horse Wine


🍕We've got your Pizza Night essentials

Businesses have shifted their marketing tremendously during the pandemic, and White Horse Wine is no exception. They created a pickup option, and this email makes it easy for people craving a DIY pizza night paired with some other essentials.

What makes this a really good email

  • Subject line emoji
  • Clear CTA
  • Clever product staging
  • Use of white background and making a pizza
  • Shows what products can be paired with each other


11) Tracksmith

This creative e-commerce email shares how the company put their own spin on the original sweatshirt, going into detail about how the items are made and how Tracksmith “remastered the sweatsuit.” Highlighting the Culture Club toward the bottom of the email also encourages the audience to stay engaged and continue the conversation on social media.

What makes this a really good email

  • Tells a story
  • Clear CTA
  • Describes product and materials
  • Product staging in different scenarios, in use and in a flat lay

12) Firebox


Gotta catch ’em all…

This email is bright, fun, and creative for tech-enthusiasts (and Pokémon trainers). The design theme remains consistent by showcasing each charger in a Poké Ball, explaining the features and pricing, and wrapping up the email with Pikachu’s tail.

What makes this a really good email

  • Creative design
  • On-brand
  • Showcases different products
  • Clear descriptions and pricing information
  • Clear CTAs

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Sharing Really Good E-commerce Emails

Gain the trust of your subscribers, tell a story with your products, and keep your e-commerce emails fresh with interesting product staging. Make it easy for your audience to understand the solution you’re providing them with, and create a personalized experience for them.

“You wanna meet the person where they’re at. Why did they sign up for your emails in the first place? Get them to that information faster and with real clarity,” Matthew mentioned.

Love an e-commerce email that’s not on the list? Send us your email!





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